This car is also a BOAT !!

44 mph on water - 55+ mph on land

Marine Jet Drive - Hydraulic wheel retraction

Why go amphibious ?

It is just an incredible feeling  to seamlessly drive from land to water and back

Eliminate the need for marina storage or dockage expenses

Easy to service and mantain at home or drive it to your favorite mechanic

Why own a boat that sits on a trailer or floats at a dock

Own a car that becomes an exhilarating and fun boat at the push of a button !

Weight: 2950 lbs - Height: 69" Length: 180" - Width: 72" - 

Engine: Honda 3.7 liter VTEC Transmission - 4 speed manual

Cooling System: Closed with marine heat exchanger

Marine grade stainless steel, led navigation lights. 

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Car & Boat


What goes into a car-boat?


Fiberglass Body/Hull w chromoly chasis

Front & rear chromoly suspension arms

Patented hydraulic shock absorbers

Stainless steel brake rotors

Wilwood brake calipers, pedal and master cylinder assembly

2 stainless high angle bushings

WaterCar patented steering rack

Stainless steel Flaming River steering column

Stainless steel Flaming River steering U-joints & shafts

Shifter mounting bracket

4 Light weight Weld racing wheels

4 Yokohama tires

Patented transfer case

Jet water pump w/ shaft & flanges

Aluminum Ride Plate

Stainless steel intake grate

Stainless Steel thru-hull fittings

Hydraulic pump

Front hood with stainless steel hinges

Rear deck lid with stainless steel hardware

26 gallon Aluminum gas tank

Radiator and fiberglass cowling

Fan bearing shaft assembly

26 gallon Aluminum gas tank

Motor and transaxle mounts

Stainless steel dash

Roll bar


Windshield glass & frame

PRP Suspension seats and interior panels

CJ Jeep Doors

Stainless steel front bumper bar

Marine navigation and road lights

Shifter & linkage

Brake & hydraulic lines

Livorsi gauges

Clutch & adaptor

CVC'd & Axle

Marine Intercooler

Gel Coat Color

Honda V6 motor (3.7 V-Tec)

Transaxle (091 VW)